About Us

we are a lighting manufacturing and distribution company providing solutions for architectural, decorative, & custom lighting fixtures. we specialize in both “minimal lighting” (you should never see the fixture) and what we call “Lighting Objects.” These are not only meant to be instruments of illumination, but are intended to complement and/or become a part of an architect’s or specifier’s design intent.

imagine 7

imagine 7

RGB LED Strips

imagine 7 series is linear RGB led strip where you expirence high quality red/green/blue light thus providing more enhanced led strips feel in your large space with excellent efficiency for LEED and othe energy conscious applications. they are tailor-designed for cove and other discrete applications where the light source/fixtures are typically completely hidden and only the light produced is visible. though long lengths are often desired, the led strips are engineered to be quite flexible and can be cut (“min. cut length”) to small sizes and spliced in the field without light leaks, shadows, or dark spots.

  • applications:

    Indoor ceiling | LED Strips

  • voltage

    24V | 48V

  • CCT


  • CRI


  • series width

    0.31" | 0.39" (inch)

  • strip length

    16.4 ft | 132 ft

  • ingress protection

    IP20 | IP65

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