About Us

we are a lighting manufacturing and distribution company providing solutions for architectural, decorative, & custom lighting fixtures. we specialize in both “minimal lighting” (you should never see the fixture) and what we call “Lighting Objects.” These are not only meant to be instruments of illumination, but are intended to complement and/or become a part of an architect’s or specifier’s design intent.

object 14

object 14

The shape of these pendants is based on the typical roofs of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.  These attractive, organic, and modern shapes combine perfectly with each other and, thanks to the magnificent color combination of Black & Gold, evoke a friendly, convivial atmosphere. With Object 14, you bring a striking detail into the interior.

  • applications:


  • scale:

    11.8" Dia x 18.8"

  • materials:


  • max wattage:

    E26 60W max

  • maximum lumens:

    Bulb Specific

  • features:

    * 120V
    * 5-year warranty
    * specifications and finish customizations possible.

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