About Us

we are a lighting manufacturing and distribution company providing solutions for architectural, decorative, & custom lighting fixtures. we specialize in both “minimal lighting” (you should never see the fixture) and what we call “Lighting Objects.” These are not only meant to be instruments of illumination, but are intended to complement and/or become a part of an architect’s or specifier’s design intent.

profile 03

profile 03

The profile 03 series profile is a unique minimal compact linear luminaire that brings any space to the center stage. These timeless, streamlined forms blend well with contemporary decors and modern workplaces. These linear luminaries simply provide wide, powerful lighting to any atmosphere.

This luminaire has 7 built-in lighting distributions at the flip of a dip switch.

100%up, 90%up/10%dn, 70%up/30%dn, 50%up/50%dn, 30%up/70%dn, 10%up/90%dn and finally 100% down.

It is available in 2’,4’, and 8’ standard and additional various lengths to meet your different needs for any application and create a linear lighting atmosphere with the least intrusion into any space.

Mounting Options

Pendant, Surface, Wall or Recessed.

Corner Options

Straight (180), L (90), 3 Way (120), T (180/90), Cross (360), Z (90V)

Multiple diffusers and lenses are available.

Diffuser 100°
It allows the light to custom the
diffuser lengths, seamless runs
up to 42′.

Micro Reflector 48°
Exclusive low glare modular optics, UGR<15.
Available for object 2 and object 3.

Louver 60°
Straight blade louver, allows the light to diffuse for
a direct and indirect lighting combination.
Available for object 2 and object 3.

Regressed Lens
A snap-in lens for easy custom colors and visual comfort.


  • applications:


  • scale:

    2.3" x 3.5" OAH

  • materials:

    Aluminum and Polycarbonate

  • max wattage:

    10W nominal per 12" CCT adjustable 3000K 3500K 4000K 5000K

  • maximum lumens:

    1050lm per 12" nominal

  • features:

    * 0-10v Dimmable
    * 120-277V driver
    * 5-year warranty
    * specifications and finish customizations possible.

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