About Us

we are a lighting manufacturing and distribution company providing solutions for architectural, decorative, & custom lighting fixtures. we specialize in both “minimal lighting” (you should never see the fixture) and what we call “Lighting Objects.” These are not only meant to be instruments of illumination, but are intended to complement and/or become a part of an architect’s or specifier’s design intent.

profile 05

profile 05

The profile 05 system is under a suspended ceiling construction luminaire that allows the specifier to imagine a simple grid lighting system that can quiet the ceiling space but also allow the designer to create a unique experience in an otherwise nominal drop ceiling.

The profile 05 system is designed to be compatible with known industry’s standard size ceiling tiles, whether it’s 15/16” or the smaller 9/16 which our profile 04 system was created.

Available in 4 professional distributions with profile 4 and profile 05. This series is certain to meet the most stringent of application requirements. This innovative product design brings both performance and aesthetics to any design application.

Milky Diffuser, Micro Reflector and Clear lens are available for the
15/16″ Flat

The profile 05 system can be installed in many configurations by replacing any of the cross tees between the main runners of the suspended grid ceiling system assembly, providing a flexible general lighting solution for commercial and institutional environments such as offices, classrooms, retail, and public space.

Considering the different dimensions and functions of a room, it is free to create compelling spaces, and your space no longer has to be restricted to a single pattern on the ceiling. A custom pattern such as L , T , + and so many more….

Seamless Continuous Runs No gap, creates the perfect linear lighting atmosphere.

  • applications:

    Indoor Commerical Drop Ceiling

  • scale:

    .96" x .47" for use with 15/16" drop ceiling

  • materials:

    Anodized Aluminum

  • max wattage:

    2' 10W 4' 20W

  • maximum lumens:

    575 lm/ft

  • features:

    * 0-10v Dimmable
    * 120-277V remote driver
    * 5-year warranty
    * specifications and finish customizations possible.
    * 128 degree beam
    * CCT variable option

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